Untrained Investigators and Avoiding Investigator Bias

Workplace investigations can be a costly and time-consuming task that seriously impacts the people involved in them. In a best-case scenario, workplace hostilities are calmed via mediation, and in the worst-case multiple people can end up resigning or losing their job. But what happens if the investigation is conducted improperly? Skilled and experienced investigators are [...]

Fighting Workplace Bullying with Martial Arts?

A brand new Synergy Workplace Investigations podcast is live now! In this episode, Natalie sits down and talks with Brett Welland from AMAYDA. Brett is a martial arts expert and an advocate for bullying prevention, and goes in depth about why the AMAYDA bullying prevention programs are so successful in schools and workplaces around the [...]

Probation is not an Excuse for Unequal Treatment

Denying employees on probation their full range of workplace rights and entitlements can have serious financial and legal consequences for you and your business, as demonstrated in a recent FWC case that shows what can happen if you mistreat  your probationary employees to save money, but break the law in the [...]

Bullying Makes Star Employees Run for the Hills

When there’s a bully in the workplace, the best performing workers will often be the first out the door, according to a Sunshine Coast workplace bullying expert. Natalie Thomasen of Maroochydore investigation firm, Synergy Workplace Investigations said leaving a bully to continue their behaviour unchecked can have a profound impact on the talent base [...]

Swearing in the Workplace

Swearing in the Workplace - Acceptable or Not? Those of us who’ve been in the workforce for 20 years or more will remember a time when it was quite acceptable for the boss to let loose with a tirade of expletives if he was displeased with someone. I say ‘he’ because there [...]

Code of Conduct Policies

Being stood down or dismissed from a working role can be a heartbreaking and potentially life impacting change, so when your working life is uprooted because of seemingly innocuous acts like talking on the phone during work hours, it can seem to be obvious grounds for an unfair dismissal case unless these decisions are [...]

External Workplace Investigations Specialist – Why Engage One?

Why engage an independent and impartial workplace investigations specialist to investigate code of conduct complaints such as workplace bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and serious misconduct? Investigating workplace misconduct complaints such as bullying and sexual harassment, as well as general disputes between employees or acts of serious misconduct, can sometimes be a complex and time-consuming [...]

How to Build Your Whistleblower Program

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start working on your whistleblower policy and procedures in line with new laws coming into force from August. Read on to find out how to put your program together. Under changes to the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Bill 2018, public companies and large [...]

How to Start a Workplace Investigation

Starting a workplace investigation is easy. Here's how the investigation process goes once you've made the decision to engage an independent workplace investigator. Step 1 Document and File Setup Send a letter of appointment outlining the matter to be investigated and detailing the Terms of Reference for the investigation. This tells the [...]

Avoiding Constructive Dismissal Claims

When your employees resign, beware. There may be reasons behind their resignation that you are not aware of and a claim for ‘constructive dismissal’ may be on the horizon. It can be a grey area but constructive dismissal can generally be considered to have occurred when a worker feels that employment conditions are such [...]

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