Bullying is typically covert in nature, meaning that the behaviours are most often carried out when there are no witnesses. This can make it quite difficult to get to the bottom of workplace bullying complaints.

That’s why it’s important that bullying investigations are carried out by an experienced workplace investigator who will know how to detect the subtle signs and broad indicators that workers are being victimised. An experienced practitioner will also know how to determine whether a complaint may be vexatious.

An experienced workplace bullying investigation expert understands the many different forms that workplace bullying can take and the impacts of bullying on individuals, teams and the wider business. They know what evidence to look for and how to make participants feel at ease and able to talk about their experiences. They understand that these types of matters often encompass the wider organisation, it’s culture and practices. An independent expert can bring with them a fresh set of eyes, picking up on risk factors that may be invisible to decision-makers.