Workplace Investigations Specialist in Australia and New Zealand

Untrained Investigators and Avoiding Investigator Bias

Workplace investigations can be a costly and time-consuming task that seriously impacts the people involved in them. In a best-case scenario, workplace hostilities are calmed via mediation, and in the worst-case multiple people can end up resigning or losing their job. But what happens if the investigation is conducted improperly? Skilled and experienced investigators are [...]

Constructive Dismissal – What is it? And how does it become relevant in relation to handling workplace complaints?

One of your employees has just resigned and now they’re accusing you of unfair dismissal! Why? When your employee resigns, beware. There may be reasons behind their resignation that you are not aware of and a claim for ‘constructive dismissal’ may be on the horizon. Generally, constructive dismissal occurs when the employer ignores or violates [...]

Serious Misconduct Investigations

Our experienced team can look at the case and help you make a determination as to whether there is sufficient evidence to support termination of the worker’s employment for Serious Misconduct. We can further advise you on correct procedures for dismissal to ensure your decisions cannot be challenged down the track. The Fair Work [...]

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Reviewing Internal Investigations

The team at Synergy can review investigations conducted internally to ensure that the rules of procedural fairness have been followed and the findings are sound and valid. Our expert team of workplace investigators and IR Law specialists can assess the methodology and subsequent delivery of the investigation, looking at factors such as the framing [...]

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Investigating Misconduct

Do you really know what you’re doing when it comes to investigating misconduct? Did you know, a flawed internal investigation process could cost your organisation dearly? Does this scenario sound familiar? Allegations of misconduct have been made against an employee. You’re faced with two immediate choices – investigate the matter yourself or find an [...]

Performance Management

Recently, Synergy Workplace Investigations was tasked with investigating a whistle-blower complaint. Our instructions were two-fold: 1. establish the facts surrounding the ‘incident’, and; 2. determine if reasonable management action had been taken with regard to other complaints that had been made by the complainant preceding the whistle-blower complaint. As part of our investigation into [...]

Managing Workplace Conflict

If it isn’t managed early and effectively, workplace conflict can fester and become a major problem down the track. That’s why it is vital, as a manager, to be able to detect signs of early conflict within your team and know how to address the conflict effectively, bringing the parties together to resolve things [...]