A Sunshine Coast couple’s small home business becomes an international consulting firm.


A Sunshine Coast Couple’s Small Home Business Becomes an International Consulting Firm.

Ten years ago, Sunshine Coast couple Natalie and Glen, decided to start a small investigation company. They worked from the spare bedroom of their unit, eventually building their business into the respected trans-Tasman consulting firm it is today. Having discovered their passion for getting to the bottom of workplace bullying complaints, the couple has built a reputation for being among Australia’s foremost experts in workplace bullying investigations, employing a team of skilled investigators, HR consultants, mediators and legal experts able to assist with all stages of a workplace misconduct complaint.


Out team has a wealth of combined experience

Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience conducting workplace investigations across all industries from mining to disability support.

When it comes to investigating misconduct complaints, you name it, we’ve done it! Not only can we offer you the benefit of our vast experience in managing the initial stages of a grievance, we can conduct a meticulous, procedurally watertight investigation and then guide you through how to manage the parties post investigation. Restoring harmony in the workplace is our specialty.


From the beginning, our mission has been to become one of Australia’s leading investigative services consultancies. We’ve come a long way toward achieving that goal but there is still a lot we want to do. We’ve recently expanded into New Zealand and we are now using our wealth of experience working across Australia for the past decade, to assist our Kiwi cousins in creating workplaces free from bullying and harassment.

We are currently developing a suite of tools to help employers investigate and manage workplace bullying and sexual harassment complaints and to empower employees through greater awareness about what is bullying and sexual harassment and how they can better support their colleagues. 

In Australia, our mission is to continue to develop tools to support our existing and future clientele through information, training and HR-related resources. We aim to become a wholistic service where employers can tap in to a range of resources, because we know that supporting workplaces requires more than just one type of solution.



Our excellent reputation is premised on integrity, empathy, efficiency and thoroughness. Our clients know that when they engage us, they will receive a detailed, frank and fact-based appraisal of the issues along with reliable advice on how to manage the parties to a complaint and how to restore harmony in the workplace. Objectivity is central to all that we do.

We also understand that a human centred approach is key to managing workplace grievance investigations. Our aim is always to be as low-impact as possible while conducting our activities in a way that makes participants feel heard. We love hearing that our involvement has had a cathartic impact on a workplace, rather than being something disruptive and intimidating.

We continually work to develop efficiency in our processes to ensure we’re looking after our client’s bank balances as well as their people. We hold ourselves accountable if we don’t meet the high standards we set for ourselves.