NDIS Reportable Incident Training Workplace Investigations

Training for NDIS Providers in How to Conduct Investigations and Write Great NDIS Commission Reports.

Managing client and employee complaints and responding to reportable incidents can be really stressful if you don’t know how.

This 1-day intensive course has been designed by qualified investigators with decades of experience investigating complaints and incidents within the disability support sector all over Australia.

We understand on a deep level, how poorly managed complaints and incidents can impact vulnerable people and their families, not to mention the reputation and compliance obligations of providers.

Course Overview

Duration:                  One day course

Delivery Mode:         Face to face

Learner effort:          7 Hours

Location:                      Brisbane

Trainer:                         Chris Rice

Group Bookings:     1300 664 341

Course Trainer

Chris Rice Investigator and Trainer

Chris Rice

Trainer/Workplace Investigator

Chris is a working investigator with decades of experience in the Disability Support sector having worked in roles from direct care through to senior management and board positions with organisations that provide disability services such as the Cerebral Palsy League (now CPL Group) and Endeavour Foundation. Chris has also worked with government departments to roll out new legislative requirements for service providers.

As a close family member of a person living with a disability, Chris is passionate about doing what he can to promote excellence in service delivery across the disability sector. He loves delivering NDIS compliance and disability support training because it’s always rewarding to work with others in the sector who are equally passionate about facilitating a fantastic quality of life for people living with a disability.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Managing Reportable Incidents

    1. How to identify when something needs to be reported to NDIS
    2. What to do straight after an incident (before the mandatory 24-hour reporting period)
    3. What to report to NDIS at 24 hours and at the 5th day mandatory reporting deadline
    4. Record keeping
    5. Identifying and Managing risk
    6. Managing involved people (clients, their families and staff)


How to conduct a reportable incident investigation

    1. Interviewing techniques
    2. Collecting and managing evidence
    3. Evaluating evidence
    4. Making decisions about outcomes
    5. Communicating outcomes
    6. Writing great reports

Managing other types of complaints (non-reportable)

    1. Deciding whether to investigate
    2. Interviewing the source of the complaint
    3. Deciding not to investigate
    4. How to conduct a procedurally fair investigation
    5. Witness and Subject Officer interview techniques




    1. Comprehensive investigations manual (Benchbook)
    2. Beautifully presented certficate of attainment
    3. Refreshments (Tea, Coffee and Orange Juice) 
    4. Ongoing general advice and support from the team at Synergy