Public Interest Disclosure Support


A Public Interest Support Officer is appointed under various state and federal Public Interest Disclosure (PID) legislation and PID Standards to provide support to a discloser, subject officer or witness who is involved in a PID.

PID managers or disclosers often prefer to nominate a person from outside the organisation to provide independent support to avoid any conflicts of interest or perceptions of bias.

Our PID support specialists are engaged by the entity managing the PID to provide confidential, independent support and information to whistle-blowers and parties to an investigation, during the investigation process and afterward.


What does a PID support officer do?


We provide practical support such as;

  1. helping the discloser to manage their expectations;
  2. helping the discloser or involved party to mentally prepare for investigation interviews and other potentially stressful situations;
  3. understand the issues involved and potential resolution;
  4. act as a support person during investigation interviews and disciplinary meetings;
  5. Provide information about the process (including clarifying the investigator’s role);
  6. Provide updates about the case to the discloser or involved party;
  7. Provide information about access to professional support services such as the employee assistance program;
  8. Monitor for signs of detriment or reprisal;
  9. Proactively contact the discloser or involved party to check on their well-being from time-to-time;
  10. Liaise with the Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator about areas of concern or matters of reprisal;
  11. Provide an indirect resource for the discloser or involved party in considering the resolution of issues directly connected to the Public Interest Disclosure, directly connected to areas of concern or directly connected to matters of reprisal


PID Support does not include;

  1. legal advice;
  2. interpretation of employer policies and procedures;
  3. review or participation in the complaint, its referral or investigation;
  4. acting as an advocate on behalf of the discloser or involved parties.


If you are a PID discloser, an involved party or an employer managing a PID complaint, you can nominate us to provide PID support.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about our PID Support Service.