Want to Fire Someone, Read this First

An employee may deserve to be dismissed, but that doesn’t mean they can be. Do you know when it’s not ok to let someone go? What happens with gross under-performance? What happens when an employee claims forced resignation?

After witnessing the poor handling of dismissals resulting in costly settlements or unfair dismissal claims, we decided it was time to produce an easy reference guide for employers covering everything to do with terminating employment.

Our free E-Book Terminating Employment is now available for download.

The book covers topics such as:

Instant dismissal
Job abandonment
General rules for ensuring fair dismissal
Appropriate record keeping
Dismissal for poor fit into organisation culture
Forced resignations
Giving the choice to resign or be sacked
Employee fails to work out their notice
Plus much more.

Termination of employment isn’t rocket science but it can be disastrous when it isn’t carried out fairly and legally. Download your free copy of Terminating Employment today!

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