How often do you do welfare checks on your employees? By ‘welfare check’ I don’t mean anything related to government benefits. Do you ask the question ‘Are you Ok?’ In this podcast episode, we address this important question by introducing you to an organisation making great inroads into changing that entrenched Australian ‘she’ll be right mate’ and ‘suck it up and get on with it’ if you’ve got problems, sort of attitude. We look at what you can do to foster a more caring, nurturing workplace that notices when workers are struggling emotionally and reaches out to them in simple ways. We show you how asking the question ‘Are you ok?’, can mean the difference between life and death.

And, on the subject of mental health in the workplace, we talk to our resident Workplace Health and Safety expert Deanne Bale about why workplace bullying is an important OH&S issue and how bullying can impact heavily on the health of victims. We look at why it’s important to quickly address complaints and what the repercussions can be for workplaces that allow a culture of bullying to exist.

And finally, we introduce you to our customised Workplace Health and Safety training programs.

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