If it isn’t managed early and effectively, workplace conflict can fester and become a major problem down the track.

That’s why it is vital, as a manager, to be able to detect signs of early conflict within your team and know how to address the conflict effectively, bringing the parties together to resolve things effectively so everyone can get back to business.

In our latest podcast episode, we talk to long time business coach and workplace conflict resolution expert Dr Ellen Balke about ways for Human Resources professionals and managers to deal with workers in conflict.

The following topics are covered:

4.20: Initial steps for conflict resolution

15.20: How to get the warring parties to each accept responsibility for their part in the conflict

20.00: How to deal with personality disorders and passive aggressive behaviour

27.15: Early signs that conflict is brewing

27.45: Getting your workplace culture right

29.40: Supporting managers to better deal with workers in conflict

32.18: Getting to the root of the conflict and ‘calling the behaviour for what it is’.