Fighting Workplace Bullying with Martial Arts?

A brand new Synergy Workplace Investigations podcast is live now! In this episode, Natalie sits down and talks with Brett Welland from AMAYDA. Brett is a martial arts expert and an advocate for bullying prevention, and goes in depth about why the AMAYDA bullying prevention programs are so successful in schools and workplaces around the [...]

Bullying Makes Star Employees Run for the Hills

When there’s a bully in the workplace, the best performing workers will often be the first out the door, according to a Sunshine Coast workplace bullying expert. Natalie Thomasen of Maroochydore investigation firm, Synergy Workplace Investigations said leaving a bully to continue their behaviour unchecked can have a profound impact on the talent base [...]

Effects of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying and harassment in a workplace always impacts negatively on the business bottom line if it is not dealt with adequately. An organisation can be affected through; Lower productivity levels. Low morale equals diminished output Higher absentee rates. Unhappy workers are more likely to take sick leave Increased potential work Work Cover claims Reduced [...]

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What is Workplace Bullying?

Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (cth) workplace bullying is defined as ‘verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by an employer (0r manager), another person or group of people at work. Workplace bullying can happen to anyone who spends time in a workplace in a capacity which assists that workplace. Victims can be volunteers, [...]

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Mental Health & Workplace Bullying

How often do you do welfare checks on your employees? By ‘welfare check’ I don’t mean anything related to government benefits. Do you ask the question ‘Are you Ok?’ In this podcast episode, we address this important question by introducing you to an organisation making great inroads into changing that entrenched Australian ‘she’ll be [...]

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