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About Synergy Workplace Investigations

Synergy Workplace Investigations are expert specialist in conducting workplace investigations. We investigate matters such as bullying and harassment, serious misconduct but also offer training and mediation services.

How to Build Your Whistleblower Program

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start working on your whistleblower policy and procedures in line with new laws coming into force from August. Read on to find out how to put your program together. Under changes to the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Bill 2018, public companies and large [...]

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Thank You 2018

This year (2018) has seen some exciting milestone reached for Synergy Workplace Investigation. Here's what we did: WELCOMING MORE TEAM MEMBERS We welcomed five new team members; three investigators with a wealth of knowledge and experience, a new company CFO/CTO who is keeping us on track with finance and up to [...]

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Mental Health First Aid Course

The course teaches adults (18 years and over) how to determine whether a person may be suffering from a mental illness and how to provide initial non-judgemental advice and support and to respond appropriately in situations where a person might be experiencing a mental health crisis. The course curriculum is based on the MHFA [...]

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Workplace Mediation

As part of our holistic approach to managing workplace disputes, Synergy Workplace Investigations offers a specialist mediation service to help you resolve residual post investigation issues and assist the parties to adjust to changes that may come about as a result of report recommendations. Our expert industrial mediation practitioners have decades of experience and [...]

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How to Start a Workplace Investigation

Starting a workplace investigation is easy. Here's how the investigation process goes once you've made the decision to engage an independent workplace investigator. Step 1 Document and File Setup Send a letter of appointment outlining the matter to be investigated and detailing the Terms of Reference for the investigation. This tells the [...]

Serious Misconduct Investigations

Our experienced team can look at the case and help you make a determination as to whether there is sufficient evidence to support termination of the worker’s employment for Serious Misconduct. We can further advise you on correct procedures for dismissal to ensure your decisions cannot be challenged down the track. The Fair Work [...]

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Reviewing Internal Investigations

The team at Synergy can review investigations conducted internally to ensure that the rules of procedural fairness have been followed and the findings are sound and valid. Our expert team of workplace investigators and IR Law specialists can assess the methodology and subsequent delivery of the investigation, looking at factors such as the framing [...]

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Conflict of Interest Investigations

From time to time, concerns can surface about managers in your organisation unfairly awarding jobs to their friends and family or having private associations or business interests that could compromise the integrity of their position and the public trust in your organisation. Allegations of conflict of interest and nepotism are serious and could represent [...]

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Workplace Injury Investigations

Employer instructed workers compensation investigations are becoming more commonplace due to the apparent reluctance of some insurers to investigate suspicious claims. The wording of the current legislation means that claims are usually supported and the employer is left with rising premiums and faced with holding the job position open while the claimant ‘recovers’. If [...]

Effects of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying and harassment in a workplace always impacts negatively on the business bottom line if it is not dealt with adequately. An organisation can be affected through; Lower productivity levels. Low morale equals diminished output Higher absentee rates. Unhappy workers are more likely to take sick leave Increased potential work Work Cover claims Reduced [...]

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